DUB Show at San Diego 4

Swift Car Club brought in three cute models to the show. They wore bright neo shiny cool blue bikinis. The three models have three distinct personalities. One was super friendly, one was kind and cool, and the other one was pretty cold, at least that she brought down the temperature a few degrees.. Haha. But we all appreciate the car club to bring these models here!

While many other photographers were attacking the other model with their cameras, I just asked this model to pose for me. She was really kind and gave me some really graceful poses. She has really good potentials and hopefully we will see more of her in the future!

Amanda was looking super stylish during the show. Her big sunglasses reminded us of old time movie actresses, especially like 80's and 70's. Very very cool. Talking about old movies, the other day, we were watching "Thomas Crown Affairs", 1968 version. Steve McQueen was killing stylish and Faye Dunaway was sexy as a cat. The cinematography of the movie was incredible. Steve was definitely a man's man...

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