Playboy Radio Celebrity Lillie Suzanne for Kandyshop Bikinis and Spearmint Rhino at Formula Drift 2016 Long Beach

Lillie Suzanne is such an amazing model that demonstrates what an awesome promotional model should be! / W&HM Staff
We've met the awesome model Lillie Suzanne so many times this year already, that we felt that we know her well now.  She is a busy model for sure, from doing early morning Playboy radio to many more projects that she is working on constantly.  Then weekends, she attends car show so many times that we cannot even keep up!

Lillie is such a beautiful model and person that you feel instantly be at ease with her, and she is tirelessly working with the team and the crowds and the vendors and staffs and media as well as

The Name Anya Benton, You Should Follow on IG, Here for Kandyshop Bikinis and Spearmint Rhino at FDLB 2016 @Abenton1

We cannot say wow enough to our feature model Anya Benton! No matter where she appears, there is destined to have a storm of awesomeness of her! / W&HM Staff

This is the first time we met up Anya Benton, and we were impressed, to say the least.  Under the super blond hair and tight black fit outfit, Anya has shown us her beautiful curves, and looks and poses and simply the overall look!

We still remember the time she did a quick take-away of video in front of  us at a car show, and it was simply amazing by just a few seemingly simple moves.  They are so exquisite and so intoxicating that is

All The Way From Asia, Feature Model Bianca Stam Brought Fashion Styles for Spocom at FDLB 2016

It's such a pleasant surprise to see Bianca Stam at the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 show at the Spocom booth! / W&HM Staff

We worked with Bianca Stam in a photoshoot opportunity at Prestige Marketing, It was a sunny industry / commercial complex, and the background wall was hot white.

Then they parked a pure pearly white Tesla to go with the lux fashion black mini dress and red long dress that Bianca brought.  The rest was magical.

The photos were simple yet highly visual.  You should definitely check them out in our print magazine, issue #33!

Here at the Spocom booth, Bianca

Super Model Constance Nunes And Gorgeous Nitto Tire Girls at FDLB 2016

Our gorgeous cover model Constance Nunes was at the Nitto Tires at Formula Drift Long Beach 2016.  Let the world rejoice!! / W&HM Staff
We totally love Constance Nunes!!  The cover super model not only is gorgeous, she always makes efforts to give everybody a great chance to interact with her, either through poster signing, a selfie together, or a media coverage photo op.  She is always the champion in the promotional and fashion world.

We are so happy that she together with two other fellow models have replaced the models from the last year's.  We cannot say how much we appreciate the professionalism and media friendliness

The New Girls of The Legendary Hankook Girls at FDLB 2016 @Lindseyharrod @karol_priscilla

We cannot believe that we have not introduced you the new line up of the legendary Hankook Girls, Sarah Top, Lindsey Harrod, and Karol Priscilla, from Formula Drift Long Beach 2016! / W&HM Staff

The top of the class, the cream of the crops, and the must-see models are always in the hankook booth.  Their genius uniform and strict selections of their models have made them the the most sought after model jobs as well as media coverage spot in the Formula Drift events.

This year, we met the new girls at the Long Beach event.  We know Sarah Top from the last year's line up.  Sarah is always so carefree and fashion strong that shows through her works and poses.

Then Lindsey Harrod (middle) has been in the promotional world for a good portion of our magazine's years, and we are very happy that

Check Out The Car Show New Model Force, Kandyshop Bikinis / Spearmint Rhino Girls Ruled FDLB 2016 @Kandyshopbikini

The Spearmint Rhino / Kandy Shop Bikinis models were the hottest appearance at the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 event / W&HM Staff

The team gave every vendors as well as many show attendees a lot of chance to know the brand as well as the girls that wear the uniforms.

They definitely gathered a lot of attention

Here is a Chance to See Milla Silva from Brazil, with Kandyshop Bikinis Spearmint Rhino at FDLB 2016

Thamilla Silva has that fashion figure and promo friendliness, the two best of the two worlds combined! / W&HM Staff
In the year of 2016, we are very happy to meet the tall and slender model Thamilla Silva. Thamilla, or Mila is from Brazil and has made a big entrance to the car show world, through the introduction of Spearmint Rhino and Kandy Shop Bikinis modeling teams.

At the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016, Thamilla joined her fellow models to showcase the chic and intricate outfit
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