Brittany Murata Rocked at JDM Sport in FDLB 2016 @BrittanyMurata @jdmsport #fdlb2016

Brittany Murata bursted into the So-Cal car show scene with a full force and strong presence! / W&HM Staff

We've never met Brittany Murata before, but once we did, we would never forget her!

Brittany had a commanding presence at JDM Sport in Formula Drift Long Beach 2016.  Everywhere she went, there were a cloud of photographers and show attendees surrounding her.

When she started posing for our camera, she gave us the full force that we haven't seen for a while.  No models do that much any more, but not Brittany!

Brittany showed off her

Gorgeous Duo Nitto Tire Girls Courtney Riggs and Janey B at FDLB 2016 @CourtneyRiggs_ @Hello_Janey

We are very happy to see the new line up of the Nitto Tires umbrella girls!  Here we have Courtney Riggs and Janey B looking awesome! / W&HM Staff

At the 2016 Formula Drift Long Beach event, we were super happy to see a new line up of the umbrella girls at the Nitto Tires booth!

The models were refreshing, friendly and totally awesome!  What a breath of new air we must say!

Here we have Courtney Riggs and Janey B at the stand to give out their

Quick Post of Speed Origin T-Shirts Hot Item at FDLB 2016

Quick post of Speed Origin T-Shirt company at the Formula Drift Long Beach 2016 / W&HM Staff

The JDM Sport model Bella has temporarily crossed over to show off the ingenious T shirt designs by Speed Origin.

The T-Shirt company has created a new line of designs that carries the good tradition of typography and layout.  They made them like a good old Jack Daniel style which is super popular in the nowadays leisure scenes.

Here Bella gave us different front aspects of the T-shirt and approrpiately combined with

Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 More Models at Lifestyle Expo

There were simply too many models at the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach 2016 Life Expo that we could not let go... Here are more  highlights of the models from the expo / W&HM Staff

Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach is not an import car show scene, and it's a much different audience too.  It has a deep root in the everyday american motorsport lovers' hearts and minds.  And it is reflected in the Life Expo as well.

With a much more family friendly environment, Life Expo models were at their full gears with friendly smiles.

Here we bring more highlights of the models to share with all!

Autocon LA 2016 #Vertini Wheels Models Courtney Simmons, Ashley Summer, and Amber Marie #autocon

Vertini Wheels brough several models that totally heated up the Autocon LA 2016 show / W&HM Staff

This year at the Autocon LA 2016, Vertini has brought out their staple and new models to the show.

Courtney Simmons and Ashley Summer dominated the scene, while Amber Marie showed off her awesome

#ModelMonday Model Sara Wilson from American Model Management Captured by Andy Welch Now in WWWH Page @AmModelMgmt

We have a new WWWH feature article of model Sara Wilson from the American Model Management today!  Sara Wilson is on the other side of the continental land, but she exhibits a great deal of perky and bright personality of a California girl.

The photo series is created by the photographer Andy Welch, and shows candid moments and personal style here.

American Model Management has been awesome working together with us and their models are supreme when it comes to the promotional works.  Definitely check them out!

Now here is the compete photo series and Q&A's of the model and the photographer!

Definitely check it out!

The JDM Sport Modeling Queenpin Jasmyn Skye and Darlene May at ED Car Show 2016 @jdmsport @jasmyn_skye

The queenpin of JDM Sport modeling team Jasmyn Skye and her JDM Sport girl Darlene May at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 / W&HM Staff

In the import car show modeling industry on the west coast, if you don't know Jasmyn Skye, then you are missing out...

Throughout the years, JDM Sport modeling team has unearthed several industry's super models and top talents.  They provide a great foyer for the import modeling world.  And the brilliant and hard working figure behind their success is Jasmyn Skye.

Jasmyn Skye

Jasmyn has been in the industry for a good portion of its ups and downs.  She knows

Bella and Emma for JDM Sport at ED Car Show 2016 @jdmsport

The beautiful inked JDM Sport girl Bella and her felllow model friend look extra gorgeous by the vintage Chevy from the Los Angeles Car Club, at the Extreme Dimensions Charity Car Show 2016 / W&HM Staff

At the ED car show, JDM Sport has done it again with big number of models at their space.

Here we have Bella and Emma, two very cool models.


We've met Bella in the past shows several times.  She always has that vivacious energy and engaging smiles for our camera.  Each time, the photos came out
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