A Big Preview of 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach Day 1 - Drivers, Cars and Models

Arley Elizabeth, wheels and heels magazine cover model, is the umbrella girl for Achilles Tires at 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach
Arley Elizabeth,
wheels and heels magazine
cover model,
is the umbrella girl
for Achilles Tires at
2015 Formula Drift Long Beach

 Great Highlights of 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach (Friday) - Pro Drifting Drivers, Competition and Show Cars, Umbrella Girls and Import Models

Long Beach, CA / Py Pai
Under the beautiful chilly sun of southern California, 2015 Formula Drift season is opening at the traditional location of the streets of Long Beach, CA. Formula Drift is always a major motorsport event that has been expanding usual "drifting bro" into multiple cultural slices of a wider audience.

As usual, this is a two days event that provide the first natural selections of 32 drivers in the first day.  These 32 winners will enter the main competition in the second day.  Once we have much more information about the competition, we will bring it to you!

Ashley Twomey in pink, wheels and heels magazine cover model, is the umbrella girl for Exedy at 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach
Ashley Twomey in pink,
wheels and heels magazine cover model,
is the umbrella girl for Exedy at
2015 Formula Drift Long Beach with
the Lucas Oil pro driver Joon Maeng
 At the car show expo area, there are always big name brands who bring their umbrella girls for the pro driver autograph sessions as well as Saturday's opening ceremony.  As always, Hankook Tires brought in their four top notch models, including Erica Nagashima, Erica Juliet, as well as SarahTop and Madison Taylor.  These awesome models in Hankook attires, which are the top notch industry uniforms hands down, made the bright sunny day even brighter!  Just across the isle, there were Nitto Tires umbrella girls, with the name of "T", and Julie Mai plus Gina Darling.  And it gets more and more glamours with more models at the expo area that we discovered, namely, our two Wheels and Heels Magazine cover model, Arley Elizabeth and Ashley Twomey.  Plus the staple model of R1-Concepts, Erica Law and her friend Cristal Aguirre were chilly at the tent, literally.
 The driver autograph session is a great opportunity for fans to get to be more personal with their supported pro drivers.  The line started long before the session started and each one of the fans can pass through the line of driver tables to collect their signed posters or flyer cards, as well as company supported goodie bags, plus some selfie ops.  Not only ...

Gorgeous Cambria Joy Mansfield for JDM Sport Cerwin Vega Diamond in 2015 HIN SD @cambria_joy @hotimportnights

Stunning Blonde Model Cambria Joy Mansfield The Hidden But Shinning Gem of 2015 HIN  Del Mar San Diego 

Del Mar, CA / W&HM Staff
At the 2015 Hot Import Nights HIN Del Mar San Diego car show, all the attention was paid at the main exhibit hall, O'Brien Hall, where the model lounge was at.  However, inside the sibling hall next to it, there was another giant car show area, we found Cambria Joy Mansfield for JDM Sport, Cerwin Vega, and Diamond Sound booth.

Just mere the first look at this blond beauty, no one can turn away at least for many seconds from her, admiring her beautiful flowy blond hair, big smiling eyes, impeccable figure and slender long legs.  Whenever she gave a pose, it's always a professional spot-on move, with a hint of innocence, and lots of sensuality.  Her gaze to the camera, would create an imprint not just on the memory chip, but also a forever inside your head, and long lasting than the major bubblegum can claim.

But most of all, Cambria is an awesome model who has super interpersonal skills.  She can make anyone feel like they are her great friends, and she does not put up any distance or air whenever anyone wanted to take a picture of her or with her.  Cambria Joy Mansfield definitely is a great celebrity in the 2015 HIN SD show!  We definitely look forward to seeing her in the future events!!

#TBT Free Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 20 Digi-Copy Now! #wheelsandheelsmag

Free Download of Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 20 Digital Copy #TBT

Throwback Thursday with Shanna Lowder, Krstina Hong, Thao N, and Jasmine Adele, together with Spocom, Wekfest, and Nurotag 2014

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai
In our throwback Thursday today, we have a free digital copy of Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition Issue 20 for download.

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Edition has great collections of SoCal car shows and gorgeous top model photos.  In the issue 20, we have our cover model Shanna Lowder, and featuring Thao N, Krstina Hong, Jasmine Adele, event coverage including 2014 Spocom Anaheim, 2014 Wekfest LA, 2014 Nurotag

Drea Lynn, Mimi Le, Lila Vy Alluring Import Models at 2015 HIN SD @hotimportnights

Drea Lynn in black top and denim shorts in 2015 Hot Import Nights San Diego

 Import Models Drea Lynn, Mimi Le, and Lila Vy Different Styles of Sexiness at 2015 HIN SD Model Lounge

Del Mar, CA / W&HM Staff
Here at the 2015 HIN Hot Import Nights San Diego car show, the model lounge was filled with many import models from table to table.  It is a basic art of courtship to some degree, and it's a great show of individual personality and show-woman-ship.
Mimi Le in black top and denim shorts in 2015 Hot Import Nights San Diego
Among the import models, here we have three cool models, Drea Lynn, Lila Vy, and Mimi Le.  These cute models demonstrated three different types of sexiness and definitely have many of their followers and new fans enjoying the brief moments and photos ops with these beautiful ladies.

We also noticed that the standard prevailing uniform of import models seems to be a black top and a denim shorts, plus a pair of heels or wedges.  We don't know why this trend started, or how it started, however, we do think that there are a lot more imagination space for such occasion.  This is one of the best time, with the full make up done, hair stylized, and physique in the best shape, to shine with gorgeous wardrobe, or adoring accessories.  We know it's not a fashion show, but then, it could be a fashion car show.  We are sure that models have multiple changes throughout the show, and on the other hand, show us your best adorning presence too and make us wow or a photo of forever memory.

2015 Autocon Los Angeles is Only 18 Days Away!! @autoconevents

The Leading Car Show in southern California, AutoCon is only 18 Days away!!  Register Your Cars or Buy Your Tickets!

Los Angeles, CA / Py Pai

The awesome Autocon car show is coming soon!!  Only about 2.5 weeks from today, there will be tons of super cool and highly selective cars, together with industry's top models to be under the Pomona Fairplex roof.

Extrapolate from the past coverage from our print issues of the magazine as the evidence below (super high resolution copies), this year's Autocon is set to be another great success in their history!

Here is the Autocon Events web site for more information:


Janey B, Nicole Leigh, Lilly Evans, Victorya Van Tran All at The 2015 HIN SD @hotimportnights @hello_janey

Janey B at Hot Import Nights HIN San Diego 2015
Janey B at Hot Import Nights
HIN San Diego 2015

 Janey B, Nicole Leigh, Lilly Evans and Victorya Van Tran Glammed Up The Hot Import Nights San Diego / Del Mar 

Del Mar, CA / W&HM Staff
At the Hot Import Nights / HIN San Diego show, it was great to see some of the big name import model stars among new faces in the model lounge.  Janey B, Nicole Leigh, as well as Lilly Evans and Victorya Van Tran, who all were the crowd's favorites and camera's darlings.  They brought in the high frenzy and commanded a lot of attentions in the show.
Nicole Leigh import model at
Hot Import Nights HIN San Diego 2015
 HIN San Diego show is a great starter for the car and model lifestyle show for the southern California car lovers and model fans.  Inside the convention center hall, after rows of rows of cars, the model lounge is geographically centered in the hall for all aspects of traffic inside.  There were many new models who want to be like these amazing import models.  They can and hopefully have learned from these stars about how they present themselves, from their hair style, flawless make up, wardrobe selection, photogenic poses and smiles as well as overall presentation of their own "brands".  All these hard working star models probably have gone through similar steps in their careers, and evolve into the mega model status with huge followings.

We will have multiple parts of the coverage of the show including both the model side as well as the car side in the WHEELS section. Definitely stay tuned for more exciting and beautiful captures in high resolution photos and quick and easy essays!

Big Highlights of 2015 Hot Import Nights HIN San Diego / Del Mar Models and Cars

 2015 HIN / Hot Import Nights San Diego / Del Mar, A Wonderful and Relaxing Car and Model Lifestyle Show

Del Mar, CA / Py Pai
HIN or Hot Import Nights is an establishment.  It started way before this magazine debuted, and continues its various reincarnations through out the years.  In year's so-Cal opener show in Del Mar, CA, HIN has brought us a relaxing and exciting, and tons of fun event!  We saw a great number of cool cars and new models at the show.  It's a fun time with a fine weather and happy atmosphere with lots of happenings.  We say, good job, well done, HIN!  We totally look forward to the LA / San Pedro event later this year!
 Here is the complete highlight coverage...
Even way before the show started the marvelous corporate client relationships Molly has generated a huge buzz with media, and on site flyer distribution as well as social media channels.  We high commend this wonderful and organized marketing genius for a great campaign for the event!

Coming down to San Diego from LA is usually easy breezy, literally.  But not Saturday, and a great weather, in the afternoon, and it spells traffic.  The trip was planned about 1 + 3/4 hours, that easily turned into 3 hours stop and rush and stop and crawl. However that did not deter the passion of our journalistic enthusiasm.  Things got better and better after we exited the freeway.  The local surface drive was short and the convention parking was plenty.  What a nice and good turn to start the event!

As the good luck continues, when we checked in to the will call, Grendolynne G was being so awesome and nice to help us through the check in process without a hitch.  Gwendolynne is such a sweet heart and super talented!!  We always have high respect to her on both her modeling and professional skills!

Once we checked in and got into the venue, we could finally feel the great outdoor air conditioning and scenery around us.  It was a San Diego cool, so-Cal clear sky, and festive booming party sounds kind of surroundings.  That is just perfect for a relaxing car show event!!

 Mike, the Founder and King of HIN, told us that besides the outdoor car + vendor area, there are two convention center halls, plus a big tent to check out.  This pretty much provided a great mixture of the outdoors and indoors as well as varieties of platforms for cars to show.  Very cool!

The outdoor venue was crowded with lots of cars, and vaping vendors, as well as very nice concession stands.  This would definitely feasted some thirsty lungs or hungry stomachs!  Once we go into the convention hall, you would immediately encounter rows and rows of cool cars, most customs and some really tricked out accessories and add-ons.

Then in the half way to the stage, everyone would naturally stopped at the model lounge, which was continuously filled up with more models.  We saw a lot of, actually the majority of the import models new.  Obviously for many models this was a new experience for them, as well as we to them.  That was an interesting interplay dynamics that did not happen very much usually.  We say kudos to new experience!

At the stage, various activities were played out, including DJ with sound booms that could shake bottles parked on top of the speakers in the front.  Miss HIN contest was conducted and varying times of gogo dancing energized the crowd.  Its' for sure one of the loudest stage set up that we encountered!

 There were more vendors in the convention halls, and one of the most notable one is JDM Sport / Cerwin Vega / Diamond at the other hall.  The genius of the team has amassed a huge line up of models to get the brand the words and pictures out.  It was done super successfully and we have very high respect to the innovative marketing that they put out and the great results they generated!  

Overall, this is a great event.  The lifestyle approach gave us a good feeling like the garage scene in Fast and Furious, Tokyo Drift.  The cars are cool, the models are new, and the fun seemed never stopped.  Again, we give our great praise to the HIN organization and all the people that made this happened!  Great job! And again, we look forward to the LA / San Pedro in the second half of the year!!

Definitely check out the full article for a lot more high resolution photos!!  They are simply awesome!!
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