The Sweet Genius Tools Girl - Sha Carrell @Shashakay_

Genius Tools Did it Again!  They brought the most fun, the most cool, and totally gorgeous Genius Tools Girls to SEMA 2015!

Beautiful, Fun and Awesome Kate Kidd and Sha Carrell at Genius Tools in SEMA 2015

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Las Vegas, NV / W&HM Staff

Ever since we started covering the SEMA shows back in 2010, Genius Tools has always been in a place in our coverage.  And that place is getting bigger and bigger!

In the last article about the Genius Tools Girls, we covered Kate Kidd, and now we have the opportunity to introduce the super cute Sha Carrell.

Sha Carrell has an angelical face and sweet personality and a totally fun model-nality.  Just like Kate, Sha is also from Texas.  (Now we know Texas is a huge model genius pool that we should visit more often in the future!)

Just spending several minutes with Sha doing the mini booth shoot at the Genius Tools USA in SEMA 2015, we were already impressed by this gorgeous blonde model.  Sha has that striking look and yet showing her genuine candor.  We totally love this amazing model!

Sha Carrell in Red Dress

In this stunning red dress, Sha could walk into any high glamour movie premieres and looks like a million.  And with a hammer in her hand, she gave us a breaking the bank look then. :-)

Sha Carrell in School Girl Uniform

On a different day, Sha gave us a demonstration on the differences between a small wrench and a big wrench.  We did not learn much, but we sure had fun taking pictures of her and her Genius Tools!

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