A Huge Highlight of Motorcycles and Models at Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach 2015 @Motorcycleshows

50+ Photos and Highlights of Motorcycles and Models at Progressive International Motorcycle Shows Long Beach 2015

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Long Beach, CA / Py Pai
At the Progressive International Motorcycle Show Long Beach 2015, it's an exciting event to attend. There are several new models introduced during the show as well as it has a large demo bikes on the floor for people to actually touch and sit on.  It's definitely a great family outing that we have witnessed during the first day for the press and public.
The promotional personalities are slightly different than the usual models that we have seen in various car shows.  The motorcycle show models seem to be more down to earth and mostly friendly and sightly lay-back style at the show.  They are awesome to take photographs with, especially right by the shiny and beautiful curves of the new motorcycles on the display floor.

Here is a quick highlight of the models from the IMS 2015 event, including our feature model Dennii, as well as familiar face of Olivia Paladin.  And there are a lot more here!

Indian Motorcycle Models - Dennii

Ashley Caple

Yamaha Motorcycle Models 

Olivia Paladin
Bradi Bowers

Victory Motorcycle Model 

Mariah Shannon 
Randie Raige

Ducati Models 

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Model

Progressive Insurance Models

All State Insurance Models

Nikki Obra

Inked Magazine Model - Taylor Brynne

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Models

Vanessa Lorraine

Touratech Models

Southern Cal Motorcycles Models - Marie Jackson and Katarina Lansing

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