Smoking Hot Brittani Paige and Models Under Super Heat in Subiefest 2015 #subiefest @msbrittanipaige

Hot Models Under Hot Attack at The Fun and Relaxing Subiefest 2015

Fontana, CA / W&HM
Autoclub Speedway in Fontana CA has its own weather pattern.  it's like big baking oven situated in the San Bernardino county.  For many of the shows there, one can almost bet on it that it will be hot.

Despite the intense heat, Subiefest 2015 still created a highly successful event for the Subaru fans.  Even before the opening time, there was a long line of cars just waiting to get in.  Our contributing sage photographer Clinton Lum, described the scene that cars were lining up just to get parking and for the one hour of waiting, cars were just inching along one by one.  We also observed that after parking, there was a long line of people just outside for the door to open.  We clearly see the never dying dedication that Subaru fans have for their community.  We were truly impressed!

At the show, there were many souped up awesome cars, represented by various companies and manufacturers.  All the major
Subaru dealers in so-Cal showed their support at the show with a combined big tent at the venue.  And many vendors showed their wonderful wares and parts that people could not get enough of.  Even though the number of promotional personalities were not as abundant as the vendor count, still we spotted some super cool models, including R1-Concepts Brittani Paige as well as Luccia Cafiero.  It was definitely a great fun time in the troubling heat!  Definitely look forward to the next year's Subiefest!

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