Happy Birthday to The All-American Girl Olivia Paladin at lrg Rims in #DUB LA 2015 @oliviapaladin

Super Awesome and Famous Model Olivia Paladin, at lrg Rims Booth in DUB LA 2015

* Update 2015.0915 - An anonymous reader questioned us the use of "Happy Patriot Day" in this article.  We found it to be an uncomfortable term for some or most people, so we decided to remove it.  Please keep sending your comments to us.  Thanks the Anynomous reader!

Los Angeles, CA / W&HM
Today is Patriot Day in the United States.  It means a lot to many people, but also especially to the super amazing and awesomely dare-devil model, Olivia Paladin, as well as the most important member of the magazine.  It's their birthday!!  These Virgo tribe people are totally sexy and charming, wild and free, smart and perfection-crazy!!  Many loves!!

If you have no checked out Olivia's snapchat or instagram, you are missing a part of the fun that life has given you.  Definitely go to her sites and see what this talented and out-of-the-box adventurer can do with her life.  It's truly inspirational!!  And let's say "Happy Birthday Olivia"!!

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