Team Hybrid Models at Spocom 2015 Super Show

Dazzling Team Hybrid Club Brought Team Hybrid Models

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Anaheim, CA / W&HM Staff

Team Hybrid car club is renown for their outlandish modifications of their cars and expressive model personas.  Their loud and sophisticated mods and customization of their cars have earned them many + many top honors. They also pay a great deal of attention to the details about how they display their cars.  In the major car show like Spocom Super Show 2015, they have created the playful showcase environment for their cars, and also combined their Team Hybrid models.

At the show, there were several of them, and some are really friend and cool, some are shy and slightly timid, and some are simply warm and welcoming.  They all added a great deal of dazzling effects to their dazzling demonstration of their awesome car works!

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