Beautiful Gem, Samiie M, with DTM Autobody at the Mitsubishi #MOD2015 Event

We Had a Surprise Find of a Beautiful Gem, Samiie M, for the DTM Autobody company at the Mitsubishi MOD Day 2015 Event

(Click photos to view in their original HR size)
Cypress, CA / W&HM Staff
When we roamed around the busy, noisy, and fun vendor area of the Mitsubishi MOD Day 2015 event, we were pleasantly surprised by an eye-catching model at the DTM Autobody booth.  Samiie M, the leggy and tall model has that welcoming personality for us to take several awesome photos of her at the show.  By the cool DTM Autobody cars by the booth, Samiie M gave us many strong and sensual looks that we could bring them back to you here.  We say very good job Samiie!!

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