Brittany Brickner Looks Smashing and Cool! 2014 KKT #OctaneFestival @brittbrixx

Irwindale, CA, by W&HM - Brittany Brickner is one of the most hard working models that we know.  She is always at shows and demonstrates her beautiful look and fun personality.  She is friendly, engaging, upbeat, and totally great to be with.

Every time we see her, Brittany has great news and new projects coming down the pike.  In the short 1.5 years since we first saw her, she has grown so much in term of modeling, and advanced miles long ahead in her career.  We definitely see this cool model to have the great stardom that she deserves and an awesome future to achieve!

Two More Models at 2014 #Nurotag LA Edition

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - This concludes the coverage of 2014 Nurotag LA Edition in Pomona Fairplex.  Even though it's a short series of the coverage here due to the low presence rate of the models, nonetheless, the car section of the coverage is still very encouraging!  Don't miss that coverage article!

Tina D (top) is an active and vibrant model that has the passion in modeling and went on extra miles to help us get cool photos.  She is actively involved in the import car industry and we might have seen her before in other car shows too.  We definitely love to see her again in future events!

New Invention! 2014 2015 Monthly Calendar Summer Edition is Available!

Wheels and Heels Magazine 2014 - 2015 Calendar Summer Edition
28 pages, published 7/1/2014
Wheels and Heels Magazine 2014 / 2015 Calendar Summer Edition - Gorgeous
photos of industry top models from
July 2014 to July 2015.

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Los Angeles, CA, by Py Pai - We are very excited about the first ever Summer Edition of our monthly calendar series!  Why?  Here are some great reasons!

1. It's Summer!  It calls for swimsuits and cool intimate wears, and this is the perfect time to release a calendar of 12+ months of gorgeous models in them!

2. We have so many top models in cover and featured.  We want to share with you our super talented models and demonstrate why they are sooo super!

3. We have the rare 2-page Spread per model format, which it's like getting a new poster every month!  And they are beautiful posters, may we say!!  It's like 12+ posters for the price of one!!

4. The clean and beautiful and leggy looks of many models in the calendar definitely add that classy and sexy decors for your office, shop, or your own room!

5. This calendar liberates us from the hard combination of wheels and heels, and we are free to create whatever the best quality works that we want to share with you!  You can say it's "W&HM" approved!!

Of course, there is no other reason than the amazing models that we have here: Angelina Andrada, Krys Angeles, Franchesca Del Carpio, Arley Elizabeth, Corissa Furr, Gabby Jeanne, Krystle Lina, Shanna Lowder, Brie Willaims, Ashley Twomey, Jessica Weaver, Sandra Wong, and Leng Yein!

Click the above photo or button to get your copy today!

Also look forward to hearing your feedback about this new endeavor!  If the responses are great, we are more encouraged to create even more various editions!!

Big Presence of Stance Wheels Models at 2014 @Nurotag LA Edition @Xenakai @BrittBrixx

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Nurotag LA Edition car show, Stance Wheels carried their tradition on the promotional model standards by hiring the great talents like Xena Kai and Brittany Brickner as well as Trixie Gogo.  They had the biggest model presence at the show hands down!
Here we got a chance to capture two of the three talents here with lots of pictures!

Jessica Weaver Tops the Nurotag LA Car Show Scene #jessicakes33

Pomona, CA, by Py - The gorgeous Jessica Weaver, our print cover model, attended the Nurotag LA Edition car show at the Pomona Fairplex for LT Motorerks.  If you were at the show, you were in luck that you could spend a lot of time photographing this uber beautiful model, like we did...  That's one of the biggest benefits of going to this car show for us!

After Jessica has gone fully in modeling, her career flourishes exponentially and the opportunities never stops.  Her schedule is incredibly tight and she is busy all the time.  However, that has not altered this beauty's surprisingly down-to-earth personality.  She always maintains a highly positive karma around the people she works with, around the work that she does, and the messages she conveys.  Jessica is totally beautiful inside and out!
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