The Gorgeous @2Crave Top Models at the 2014 #Toyotafest Long Beach @Elizabeth_Velasquez @VanessaThom

Long Beach, CA, by Py - 2014 Toyotafest was under the beautiful So-cal sun, on the beautiful Queen Mary II Park, with some beautiful breezes.  It could not be a better place for a stroll through all the Toyota related cars, from vintage to modern to contemporary.  What could be better than that for a great Saturday day trip?  Well, 2Crave Alloy made it even better!  They were truly the star of the Toyotafest car show in 2014!  They made a splash on the vendor scene and brought in two awesome models, Elizabeth Velasquez, our feature model, as well as Vanessa Thompson the beautiful blonde!  Actually they are the only models in the whole event, making them a great crowd-magnet as well as show the brilliance of the 2Crave Marketing team!  They totally hyped up the festive vibes of the show!  Let's see more in the full article...

2014 #greystoneconcours ReVamp Vintage Inspired Clothing Fashion Show by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Beverly Hills, Photos by Clinton Lum / Lumdigital, Text by W&HM Staff -
During the 2014 Greystone Mansion Concours d'Elegance car show and mansion tour event, one of the highlights is the fashion runway show by the vintage clothing line ReVamp (web site: here), The designer, Annamarie von Firley and the team draw inspirations from the vintage photos and movie stills and create period-authentic and detail-attention designs that could easily fit back into the grand era of the classic glamour Hollywood days.  Their clothes are all made in the US.  From the runway show, we learned to greatly appreciate the thematic styles, meticulous dress making, dramatic patterns and color blocks, as well as complete make up and hairs, on the talented models to make a beautiful and authentic clothing line through a very articulated runway presentation.

Leggy Amber Alvarez @danngamber with Stance Models and Alicia Whitten @Savedgedoll for @Ignitedclothing at 2014 #Autocon LA

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - At 2014 Autocon LA, Stance Wheels has an Ace in their model cards.  Amber Alvarez, who is a very popular international model and go-go artist, leading our coverage of Stance Wheels here.  Stance Wheels always bring great models to shows, gaining their booth presence and exposure.  On the other side of the show floor, Ignited Clothing also had a big name model, Alicia Whitten to help spreading the good message there.  We chatted with the Ignited Clothing person and he shared his marketing tactics of hiring promotional models, which we totally agree!  He said that having a well known model like Alicia Whitten, not only get the foot traffic to his booth, she also get people's attention on the social media even before the show.  And then the after effects of the pictures, exposures, and viral reaches after the show ended, just keep spreading the good brand message on and on.  On top of it, he is really cool about letting Alicia to go out to other cars for media photo ops.  This added the additional marketing space that he has beyond his booth's square footage.  Overall it has the promotional effects going before, during and after the show, plus the lateral effects of being at the booth and roaming around the show floor.  To Ignited Clothing, we say, totally awesome!!  They are the few that truly get it on the promotional modeling values.  Our hats off to you, Ignited Clothing!

Gorgeous Toyo Tires Models - @LeannaBartlett @MagdaAngel and #JaneyBolina

Pomona, CA, by W&HM - At the 2014 Autocon LA, Toyo brought us three gorgeous ladies, Magda Angel, Leanna Bartlett, and Janey Bolina!  The three Toyo's angels are super photogenic and beautiful in person.  Toyo Tires also has a new design for their uniform, which combines sporty and Calvin Klein Fashion styles.  That's what we identify as the young, contemporary, classy and sexy design, perfect for the new car culture trends.

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