Big Preview of 2014 Formula DRIFT Long Beach Season Opener Top Models (Day 1)

Long Beach, CA, Photos and Text by Py - You definitely want to read the entire article to see all the amazing top models at the 2014 Formula DRIFT Long Beach Day 1!  

2014 Formula Drift season opener at the streets of Long Beach, CA.  Before we arrived at the venue, we found a nearby parking structure, and the Formula DRIFT experience has already began.  Inside the dark parking lot, the car immediately followed us has a souped up engine, and was revving all the way around, sounding off many car's alarms.  That's the first signal that the drifting fans are very enthusiastic about this motorsport!  

We walked over the sky bridge to the event location.  On top of the bridge, you can view the drifting cars lining up for their turns to compete.  While they were waiting, they LOVE to make donuts on the ground, as easy as chewing gums.  The thick smoke, the burning smell, the piercing noise, and ground shaking, have already attacked our four senses, just leaving our taste buds alone for now for the food vendors inside the venue.

The staff took care of our press credential as quickly as 1,2,3.  That's one of the most smooth operations that we've witnessed in many events.  We give many kudos to the Formula DRIFT organization!!
Once inside the venue, you encountered rows and rows of vendors, including racing teams, tire companies, parts/product companies.  That's where our rubber meets the road moment.  There were many promotional models that we were pleasantly surprised, because Day 1 is usually a slow day.  Now it gave us the perfect time to capture all these top models in the best setting, without the crowd, without the tight camera windows, and with awesome cars!
Hankook took the top honor of the vendor promotional models again!  They are simply top supermodels in the promotional world.  You can see Erica Nagashima, Jessica Harbour, Katelynn Ansari, and Sadie May, in the best uniform this magazine has seen in all uniforms.  Trophy!!

We were also super happy to see our cover models, including Olivia Korte for Motegi Racing, Arley Elizabeth for Achilles, as well as feature model, Eva Skye, who just came back to the car show scene after a little but very necessary R&R.  We are soooo happy to see them that we could not stop taking pictures of them!  Exedy broke the tradition and hired a highly famous model, Xena Kai, which definitely gain the superstar effects instantly.  Then we see Brittani Paige, Raquel Estrella, an many others.

If this is Day 1, which we felt that we are in heaven already, we just cannot wait for Day 2 and meet more amazing models and bring the first camera photos back for you!

Definitely check out the entire article and also the upcoming coverage of the Formula DRIFT!

Wheels and Heels Magazine Print Issue 15 is Out! @arrrrlz @teezaang @caitlin_oconnor

Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 15
48 pages, published 4/4/2014
Wheels and Heels Magazine Issue 15 - Cover models Arley Elizabeth with Redline Time Attack, Diamond Zaang with Phil Villa 1996 Impala SS, with featuring models Caitlin O'Connor, Kady Green, and car show event coverage of Formula DRIFT Tech Day, 2013 Tuner Evolution, and import model show of Kuya Model Expo 2. Contributing from Clinton Lum, and Eduardo Suarez.

Los Angeles, CA - We constantly do new things here in W&HM!  Our print issue 15 has two gorgeous cover models!!  Arley Elizabeth graced our cover again with her Redline Time Attack cute outfit and Diamond Zaang with Phil Villa's cool 1996 Impala SS aka BADCHRY.

PLUS, we have two feature models, Caitlin O'Connor a very successful model who appeared in many print / commercial works, as well as Kady Green, a very bright and very blonde talent!

Coverage wise, we have Formula Drift Tech Day by Clinton Lum, Tuner Evolution Philadelpha by Eduardo Suarez, and Kuya Model Expo 2!

This is a very good trend that we might expand in the future!!  Definitely Check it out now!

Brie Williams - W&HM Issue 12 Cover Model With Grace, Beauty and Talents @brie_tard


Los Angeles, CA, Photos and Text by Py (Update) - It's absolutely our pleasure to work with the gorgeous, talented, and awesome cover model, Brie Williams. On the cover of the magazine's Issue 12, Brie commands a great deal of attention just by being present at any events. Whenever she shows up at a car show or event, people flock to her vying to capture her beauty and her sophisticated aura. Here we had a highlight cover feature earlier, and we are happy to add more awesome photos from the gorgeous Brie!

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - Our cover model of Issue 12, Brie Williams, has a natural talent of modeling, either in her personality or in her skills and creativity. The 5'4" beauty has traveled much of the west coast throughout her formation years. This extensive experience in multi-geographical livings has brought her great perspectives in her career and life. She appreciates great aesthetics, creative concepts, and most of all, great quality of arts! We definitely see this gorgeous beauty expands to many avenues of artistic performances and expressions and be awesome about them!


Facebook / Booking:
Instagram: @bri_tard

Endless Beauties at 2013 #Spocom Super Show with Erica Law, Hayle Cayaga, Bebe Layne, Wendy Lopez, Natalie Bee, Victoria Barajas

Anaheim, CA, by W&HM - Spocom Super Show is synonymous with cool cars, awesome vendors, and most important to us gorgeous models, many many of them.  It's incredible to have so many beauties with great quality and personalities to gather under one roof.  It's totally _the_ event for the import modeling!!

Besides those we have covered so far here, here are more!  Starting with Erica Law, and then followed by Hayle Cayaga, and Bebe Layne, Bianca, then Wendy Lopez, Natalie Bee, and Victoria Barajas.  It's totally amazing! Definitely check out the full article to see the full effects here!
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