Constance Nunes - A Super Model with Style and Loves Cars

Constance Nunes, Text by Py

When a fashion model loves building muscle cars, drag racing, and at the same time can strike dramatic and beautiful poses in front of cameras with any wardrobe, that is a rare combination in the industry and hard to reconcile in anyone's brain.  Constance Nunes is this amazing kind of models who would entice your attention to no end with both her appearance and her passion about cars.

If you look through Constance's portfolio on her MM page, her angelic look casts a strong contrast to the hauntingly beautiful and edgy-strong contemporary work, and would take your breath away in an instance.  You would no doubt be in full awe to her talents and her taste of projects and photographers that she works with.  Her work can easily show up in any of the contemporary top fashion magazines rivaling any super models in the current trend.

On the other hand, if you ask her about cars, her eyes would light up, and she would proudly tell you that she builds her cars and knows all the cranium about it.  The amount of her enthusiasm is a perfect match to her passion to life and things, just at different ends of the spectrum.  It's not intuitive to think such a beauty would grease her hands or crank a gear when not in a designer wardrobe, but it's totally imaginable that she can get to work and restoring something as beautiful and elegant as she on the metallic side of her choice projects.

For this we have full and highest respect to her, especially we see her more and more in the car show and event world.  We look forward to seeing her more in the future as well!


2014 CES, for Southern Telecom; Photos by Py 


Kristy-Lei Juan - Our Cover Model and Free Spirited Traveler @kristyleijuan

Kristy-Lei Juan

This towering 5'3" model is packed with lots of energy, passion, and free spirit!  Kristy-Lei Juan has that Hawaiian etho in her and all things tropical too!  Her beautiful tan color skin tone, and athletic build that can tackle any beaches or mountains, as well as open-airiness in her aura, are all the traces of her root culture in Hawaii.

We noticed her starting early in the 2012 events across Southern California.  She has that quiet storm yet passion for life attitude, definitely caught our attention and our camera flashes.  Not just settled for the live promotional work, she has great talents that extend to the print publications as well.  Many print and web magazines have featured her in their highlights.  She is the great next-generation model who knows how important it is to connect with her fans, her network, and the world!

We definitely will see her a lot more in the future and we very much look forward to it!


Twitter: @kristyleijuan
Instagram: kristyleijuan

Coverage: 2014 CES Las Vegas for Anymode, photos by Clinton Lum / Lumdigital



Cover Model Pictorial: W&HM 2012 October, photo and text by Py

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Stunning #ClaudiaAlan Made Cooler Master Accessories Super Sexy at #CES2014

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - our amazing cover model, Claudia Alan, made her appearance at the Cooler Master business suite in the Palms Hotel and Resorts, in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the behemoth 2014 CES show!  Not only she made the business suite popular among media people, she helped spreading the brand exposure of CoolerMaster to many degrees!
Even though Palms Hotel is on the other side of the freeway against the Las Vegas strip, it turned the disadvantage to advantage by showing the glittering Vegas cityscape as a gorgeous backdrop.  It's perfect for a photo session!  We wished that we can do the coverage at night so all the lights and blinks will show through the glass window.  But then, it's Claudia Alan, so any time is a good time shooting with her!

More photos of the amazing Claudia Alan in this article:

Gigantic Coverage of CES 2014 Models #CES2014

(Marissa Kimberlin and Sarai Rollins for DroneFly by DJI)
Las Vegas, NV, by Py - 2014 CES has a record breaking year.  It has the highest attendance to the show accompanied by the largest amount of exhibitors on the most square footage space in their history.  We don't know about how the world economy is going this year, but this is such an amazing sign of innovations run abundant and wanna-bes run amok!  We love it!

Of course, this should translate to a record presence of promotional models.  We don't have an official hiring count; nonetheless we did happily see a lot of very well established models as well as some we are not familiar with.  By the sheer talents and general perkiness of these models, we see a happy economy coming this year!

Some of the major vendors have switched their promotional tactics, such as Supertooth did not continue their The Fantasy Las Vegas Dancers number (search supertooth).  However, we still saw many great ideas, including off-the-matrix set up by CoolerMaster in a Palms Hotel suite with our cover model Claudia Alan and Ashley Twomey.  

Another indicator of economic direction, if we follow the fashion world's urban legend, is that the hemlines of the wardrobe by many models are higher this year, and the colors are more vibrant.  These are all tell-tale signs of a strong growth economy ensuing an exuberant lifestyle with a good dose of general optimism!  Thus, we boldly predict that 2014 will be a great booming year!!

We will cover the technical aspects of the show in a different section.  Here we focus on the amazing top models who got selected to attend the mega CES show!  It's not only a resume item, but also a keen who-and-who roster list for other vendors who want to hire great talents!
(Ashley Twomey and Claudia Alan for CoolerMaster)
At the Palms Hotel, up in the sky, there is a suite set up by CoolerMaster to demonstrate their latest fans and also an foyer of their computer accessories.  With the two amazing models, including our cover model Claudia Alan (in green above) and Ashley Twomey, they stroke gold with the media photographers for sure!

(iHip Models including: Amber Ettinger, Olivia Paladin, Destiny Monique, Natalie Paladin, Krystle Lina, Jessyca Rayanne)
iHip always hires great models, showing their promotional muscles at the CES.  The cool lineup of the above iHip models and their classy, elegant and attractive uniforms, makes the show ultra dazzling!
(Jessica Harbour for iFit and Natztech: KATE)
At iFit, we caught up with Jessica Harbour, who always looks so healthy, upbeat and amazing!  She told us that on average, she walked about 15 miles each day on treadmill at the CES show to demonstrate the iFit product.  That is some serious walking there!  Who says that promotional modeling is an easy job?!  KATE and her friend at the Naztech looked amazing just like their products and the staff in the booth!
Sigma brought in a car, and put models around it.  If we did not capture this, we can say that we failed our mission of our magazine's assignment.  They just look so good together (the car + models, or the orange yellow color and red, or two models...)

There are many + many great models in this coverage.  Click below to see the complete photo summary and stories behind many photos...
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