One of the Best Articles on the Web of Paul Walker Memorial Meet, Written and Captured by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Clinton Lum, our sage contributor, has written a beautiful and informational piece with great coverage photos of Paul Walker Memorial Meet at Valencia, CA.  This is one of the best article written about the memorial that we've seen on the web. Don't miss it.

Julie Mai Always Looks This Awesome, #SEMA2013 @JoolieMai

Las Vegas, NV by Py wheelsandheelsmag - Julie Mai always has a very beautiful and memorable smile, together with a quick and bright mind.  Her eyes are beaming with deep wisdom, yet with so much playfulness that are totally irresistible!  

When we were cruising around the gigantic Las Vegas Convention Center SEMA show, we noticed a brightly dressed beauty who has all the above cool qualities.  It was a great surprise to see Julie Mai, as we did not get any ground signal of this happening.  It's always great to catch up with Julie, as she is a natural conversationalist with all the fresh information and happenings.  Totally awesome!

Besides the good chatting, we did not forget to capture her beauty to share with our readers.  As you can see, Julie Mai always looks so amazing!!

Super Promo Model Constance Nunes at #SEMA2013 for #Savini @constance_nunes

Las Vegas, NV, by W&HM - When we entered the wheels and tires section at SEMA this year, we noticed a strong force in the middle of the hall.  The super promotional model, Constance Nunes, who is also an amazing fashion model, stood tall at the Savini booth around the rotating platform with a cool Lamborghini.  We said wow!  Got to take great photos of this stunning talent.  However, due to her and her beautiful model friend, the booth was packed with people, and of course cameras too.  We finally elbowed our way in for a nano-photo-shoot session with Constance, and the results are very rewarding.  Good job well done!

Hot Auto Enthusiast Day at a Rainy Fontana Day by Clinton Lum @calibre68 @MsSandraWong

Fontana, CA, Photo by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff - Rain or shine, snow or heat, it never deters our sage contributing photographer, Clinton Lum, to attend a great event with lots of awesome cars and of course awesome models!

Auto Enthusiast Day is a congregation of cool cars and awesome models, a mini version of a big car show, with all the bells and whistles.  Well, it rained the day before, and rained hard on the event day.  Nonetheless, it did not stop many car owners to show their passion, many models to show up to support the event, especially at the Nitto and 2Crave booths, and certainly did not stop Clinton!

We have many cool models at the scene, from our cover model Sandra Wong, as well as Lisa Lee Marie and Jacky Kvicky and Gina Darling and more for the Nitto Tires.  At the 2Crave booth, there was Brittany Brickner standing tall at the 2Crave tent.

Judging from the smiles and happy peace signs, the models had a wonderful time and so did Clinton as well, we can tell!  Awesome!  Hopefully next time, it will be clear and there will  be even more cars and models and cameras at the event!!

W&HM Print Issue 11 #CoverModel - Claudia Alan @RealClaudiaAlan Part 2

Los Angeles, by Py - Now from the sunny southern California beach to the historical San Fernando Mission Garden.  Claudia showed us her flawless look among the beautiful flowers and majestic trees, a perfect fitting to this amazing and talented model!  Here is a snippet of the interview that we had with Claudia.  The full interview text is in the print edition.

W&HM Print Issue 11 #CoverModel - Claudia Alan @RealClaudiaAlan with RPM and Kelly Kanae Subaru WRX

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - Claudia Alan is a super model in the import car show scene, as well as in the promotional modeling world across other industries.  She achieved such a prestige status with all the traits of a highly successful person.  From the start, she impresses you with her wholesome and sheer beauty before you meet her in her.  Her smile is angelic and hearty that could melt any body's defense.  If you get a chance to talk with her, you will warmed by her personable friendliness to you.  You feel like a friend you hang out with for a long time.  Then if you know her more, your head would be imprinted with her wisdom toward life and learning and career and more.  After you take several pictures of her, you will happily found that she looks flawless and awesome in those photos.  On top of all these, she has a very kind heart.  She's nice to her fans and friends.  In a support to Haiyan Typhoon Donation event, she lent her hand to the event, and get people to come to the great cause hosted by A Touch of Grace Foundation by Melyssa Grace.

We say, if this is not a super successful professional, who could then?  We are so excited that she is our cover model for the W&HM Issue 11 Print Edition.  In the cover feature, you will find the great editorial photos of Claudia, together with a long interview with this totally amazing model!

During the month of December 2013, we will give our the digital copy free once you sign up our club (also free) here.
We are very grateful to RPM, Racing Performance Motorsport for providing an excellent location for the great shoot to create this ultra beautiful cover editorial of Claudia.  Kelly Kanae has given us her splendid Subaru WRX for the cover shoot.  The WRX looks amazing, and more amazing thing is that Kelly does all the work on the car herself.  That is totally awesome!!  To learn about what Kelly has put into her WRX, definitely check out the Issue 11.  The list is a very long one!

W&HM #2014Calendar is Available!! #Brain and #Beauty!

W&HM 2014 Calendar
28 pages, published 12/8/2013
Wheels and Heels Magazine W&HM 2014 Calendar featuring Melyssa Grace, Franchesca Del Carpio, Claudia Alan, Tera Patrick, Marissa Harman, Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, Olivia Korte, Jessica Weaver, Arley Elizabeth, Leng Yein, Elena Romanova, Sandra Wong, Brie Williams, models, celebrities, import models, Subaru WRX, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lotus, Mustang
By Py / Los Angeles, CA - We are very excited about the W&HM 2014 Calendar.  Not only the photos are gorgeous and very office and shop friendly, the models are top tier models in the industry as well as upcoming stars, also with super awesome Tera Patrick!  They are simply amazing!

Melyssa Grace graced the cover of the calendar for her sheer beauty and talents, drifting passion, and most of all, her dedication and efforts to help the Haiyan Typhoon relief fundraising and food donations for the victims in affected Philippine.  We are greatly proud of our amazing cover model and it's such an honor to work with her in many occasions.  Salute!!

Together with Melyssa, we have many amazing models, as listed in the description.  We carried the tradition of including a quote from each model in the photo.  This makes the calendar extra special and has much better longevity on your wall, with beauty for your eyes and thinking for your head. :-)

The calendar is of the standard size (8.25" x 10.75", almost the letter size) saddle stapled.  Therefore when you hang it on the wall, you might want to reverse fold it a little before pin it on the wall.

Check it out and order one today!  It would help us bring more future high quality beautiful and extended contents to you too!  Thanks!

Many Great Models at 2013 International Motorcycle show at Long Beach Convention Center

By Py / Long Beach, CA - It's a rainy day, cold, damp and unfriendly, which is perfect for an indoor motorcycle show!!  The 2013 International Motorcycle Show inside Long Beach Convention Center was packed with shoulder to shoulder motorcyclists and fans.  (We will have a show floor motorcycle article coming out soon.)

This year, it seems that there are many models at the event, compared to the previous years.  On top of it, we were so happy to see two of our cover models, Arley Elizabeth and Carolyn Martin at the show, together with a future-feature model Ashley Harrell!!  We were in heaven!  Read on to see many more great models at the International Motorcycle Show Long Beach!
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