Amber Alexis Alvarez + Brittani Paige for R1-Concepts by Clinton Lum @calibre68

Fontana, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by W&HM) - R1-Concepts has the right concepts of hiring the industry's hottest rising stars, Amber Alvarez and Brittani Paige.  Both are super fun to shoot with, absolutely gorgeous, and hardly a dull moment!  Our sage contributor Clinton Lum has brought us some of the snapshots of these two lovely ladies.

Now let the pictures speak themselves...

Lovely Sandra Wong for Autowerks and 2Crave Girls at HIN Fontana by Clinton Lum and Gary Phung @calibre68

Irwindale, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Gary Phung, Text by Staff) - Sandra Wong is always one of our favorite cover models.  She is so wholesome and amicable and forever beautiful!  She's doing the promo work for Autowerks at the 2013 HIN Fontana, and for sure brought in a lot of attendees' traffic.

Awesome Asian Models at HIN Fontana

Fontana, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum and Gary Phung, Text by Staff) - Hot Import Nights are always famed for their model lounge and the number of Asian models at the show.  After all, it's an import car show. Here we have a brief intro to some of the cool girls at the HIN model lounge.  Erica Law is ever so refreshing and so amicable!  Jenny Lam came all the way from San Diego to attend the show and showed us a great smile!
There were many more great Asian models and these are just a few highlights.  Enjoy!
(note: the staff person did not go to the show, so he did not capture all the models' names.  Hopefully next time it will be a much better ID system here...)

26 Gorgeous Models at 2013 HIN Fontana, Highlight by Clinton Lum @calibre68 (updated)


(Update: added an additional photo attribution to Gary Phung, distinguished by watermarks)
Fontana, CA (Photos by Clinton Lum, Gary Phung, Text by Staff) - Our sage contributor Clinton Lum, has brought us back his glorious coverage photos of the models and cars and actions at the 2013 HIN / Hot Import Nights, Fontana event. Judging from the models at the show, it's sure a wonderful, glamorous, and fun event!
This HIN / Hot Import Nights event carried its tradition of great presence of gorgeous models and cool cars, and this time added drifting actions as well! What a perfect combination for our magazine!! Totally rocks!
Fontana parking lot may not be the ideal location for a carshow event, with a disproportionally large race track right next to it and several huge parking lots surrounding the event. However, HIN still brought the great models and cars to the show and made it a lively and fun event! Very cool! 

Here in the model lounge we have Sandra Wong, Erica Law, Jennifer Irene Gonzalez, Trinity Dang, and the model/driver Melyssa Grace at the top, as well as other models in the model lounge, including Jenny Lam, Lux and Kim, and Lisa Recupero, Jenna Lane, Lilly Evans, Janis True and Dawn Jaro.

Of course, on the vendor side, we have amazing Sandra Wong, R1-Concepts dual, Amber Alvarez, and Brittani Paige, as well as the 2Crave Team!

We will go into more details in the coming days to show the super glam and fun side of the 2013 HIN Fontana!! Stay tuned!

SEMA is Less Than 10 Days Away!! Blast From the Past, 2012 #SEMA!!

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - SEMA is always the holy grail of all car shows and events in the United States, and a top force in the world wide market.  This year, 2013 SEMA is going to be the biggest show in their history according to their press release recently.  That means there will be a supersized presence of amazing models and promotions.  We are very excited about this year's show (in fact, we are very excited about every SEMA show!)  We cannot wait to bring back all the great photos of the great models from the show, in less than 10 days!  Please stay tuned!

While you are waiting, here is a glimpse of the amazing models from last year's SEMA so you get a sense of what's coming in the store in 2013 SEMA!
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