An Awesome Photo Op with Amanda Kerr at the #Pasmag Booth in #Spocom @msamandakerr

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Anaheim, CA (W&HM) - Even though Spocom is a long but happy 6 hours show, we still felt that it's not enough time to spend much time with each model, let alone quality time.  By the sheer number of the models (and cars) there, we probably need 3 days to do the show and models justice.

However, Amanda Kerr at PAS magazine was super cool who happily give us ample of time to do some really cool shooting ops.  With the undivided attention for 5 minutes, we produced a good amount of photos that demonstrate tip-of-iceberg of Amanda's awesomeness!
Together with Geisha Events' newly painted teal-blue-pearl Z, this is a super hot combination and brought the PAS Magazine a great deal of traffic at the show!  Totally awesome!

Amanda was giving us a hulk impression... Good job! :-)


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