2013 #ExtremeDimensions Open House Model Highlight (12 awesome pix) #wheelsandheels

Fullerton, CA (Py) - 2013 Extreme Dimensions Open house is different than the last two years.  First off, the number of cars showed up at the location is like almost doubling from the previous years.  The organizer made a really great efforts to get people to come out and have fun, despite the record-like heat sweeping the So-Cal regions.  

The large parking lot was filled with all kinds of modified cars, one car was even flagging a Canadian flag.  That's very cool!  The vendor presence is slightly larger than the last year, giving people more time to check out various new products, and ask the product experts right on the spot for their sage advice.

On the model side, we could not say that there were more models than before, but definitely we were happy to see Amanda Kerr (above) at the Pasmag booth.  The tall leggy model was so easy to work with. Coupled with several cool cars right next to her, great photo ops were born!  Great job Amanda!

Amanda Kerr with Kris Rouse's newly upgraded NSX, extreme beauty and extreme power = extreme awesome!

GXS Racing girls are also a league of their own.  With their bright orange uniform, they are totally attention grabbing and super cool to shoot with!  Great job girls!

We met the blonde model last time at the Kyua Model show a while back in the early part of the year.  We forgot to catch her name, and still forgot... Ugh... Nonetheless, she is still very cool to our camera and looking cool!

Sunnie Elizabeth popped up in front of us at the show, which was her first car show.  That's very cool!  Hopefully we will see her again in future events as well!

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