The Awesome Duo, @CorissaFurr and Arley Elizabeth @Arrrrly Graced the #ModBargin Booth at #Bimmerfest #wheelsandheels

Pasadena, CA (W&HM) - Two of the very awesome models attended the Bimmerfest California for ModBargains and brought a traffic jam around their booth.  People were vying for their autographed posters, and the opportunities to have a picture with them.  Eventually the posters were all given out yet the line was still there.  This is definitely a strong pull-marketing at work!  Great job!

Arley Elizabeth (below) is always fun at work and cool to work with!  Her personable attitude toward people made her an instant friend to people who met her, creating an immediate JB-Welded friendship!
We've known Corissa Furr since we started the magazine almost 5 years ago.  Her frequent participation to car shows and always gives us the very best photos from our coverage, have earned our highest respect to her and her professionalism.  As we always say, she is the model of models and all models can learn a lot from this top of the class role model!


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