Marissa Harman - W&HM Print Feature Model #wheelsandheels @MARISSAinVEGAS

Los Angeles, CA (Py) - In our 2013 March print issue, we also  have Marissa Harman as our featured model.  We had Marissa graced our web cover back in 2012 December.  This time, Marissa brought along a gorgeous Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 with lots of inside fancies added.  (You can get more pictures and the full specs and information of the additions in the print issue.)

Marissa Harman is a multi-disciplined model, who can do fashion runway walks, friendly promotional activities, and fun lifestyle portfolios.  You can find more about her by following her on twitter.
The photo shoot was done at  a cold stormy beach, which is perfect for a swimsuit shoot, isn't it?  You don't get that kind of sky and light in an ordinary day at a Southern California beach.  Certainly there are a lot less people hanging around trying to strike a conversation with the model too.
To get other gorgeous and amazing pictures of Marissa, as well as Franchesca Del Carpio, plus lots of 2012 Top Model Review pictures, check out the print edition here:

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