Amanda Kerr is Kerr-ific!!

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Amanda Kerr is looking ravishing with her bright white top and cool red miniskirt, very urban, very city, very cool, very Hot Import Nights!

Marissa Hiroko Fashion Stance and Glimpse of Claudia Lopez

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Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Marissa Hiroko carries herself like a fashion model, and it shows in her graceful stance and flexible curves.  Cool!
 Marissa is tall, isn't she? :-)
Claudia Lopez gave us a small glimpse of Claudia Lopez...

2012 HIN LA Highlight (Last One)

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 Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - This is the last highlight piece of the great 2012 HIN LA coverage.  Diana Ochoa is looking more and more stunning each show.  Many kudos!!
We have to admit that we cannot properly pronounce their names: Teda Xaygnavong (beow left) and Monreudy Aislinn (below right), but they are a cool pair at the model lounge.
And there are so many more cool models!!

The two models have sister looks, even though they were in two different hemispheres at the show...

2012 HIN LA Highlight 8

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Crystal is not a model per se at the show, but her look and her outfit have her out performed many other models and brought us the glamour days of car models.  Very + very cool!
The Tekken Girl (below left) makes the wheels look cool!  Nikita Francis has a great look.  Great job!
Terra Brown (below right) is looking cool, because we are in LA!
Sparkling Jewelz works great with the sexy bike!  Great combination!

2012 HIN Highlight 7

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - Elissa Alva (above) is such a great model both on stage and off stage.  Super personable!!
Then we have more models for the fashion show!  Great job!!

2012 HIN Highlight 6

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - We have more models to cover!!  Marissa Hiroko (above) is looking better and beter each time we see her!  Keep up the good work Marissa!
Alexx Juice (below) looks totally awesome with the cool bike!  She is such a great model that always love posing with cars and taking pictures!

Lovely Rachelle (below left) has a warm glow around her.  Emily (below right) is all the way from New Zeland.  She is a fashion model in NZ and said that the car shows are nothing like the big ones here like HIN.  We sure hope that she will stay here and show up more at future shows!
Jenna Lynn (below left) is sooo cute with her go-go dancing outfit!  Mercedes (below right) is looking awesome with the red car!
Nikita Esco (below left) is always so photogenic!  Sarah Marie (below right) showed us the not-for-sale-in-the-US dashboard video system.  Very cool, we mean Sarah Marie and the system!!

2012 HIN LA Highlight 5

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Los Angeles, CA (Py) - The stages are full of actions and flavors!  The gogo dancers have two different groups and each has their own styles and crowd pleasing moves.

Then there was the IGN booth with on-line gaming going on and on the other corner, there was a wrestling match that ravels George Bellow's Boxing paintings [ext link]!!
Julie Mai looks so cool up close and up above!
Michelle Yee has that mastery charisma!
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