2012 Formula Drift Irwindale Highlights 2

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Irwindale, CA (Py) - At the beautiful sunset time, the amazing Falken girls Melanie Tillbrook (above left) and Olivia Korte look simply like a pair of angels blessing the great event here.
The Spocom girls, Elizabeth Velasquez (above middle) and Ngan Vo (above right) were promoting Spocom, while Achilles girls (below left) roamed around the area generating lots of attention.  Nexen girls, Lynthe (below left) and Tailyr (below right) are pretty in pink!
Randyl Dawn from Falken and Sandra from Nitto both have that wholesome yet fun auras around them.  Siray Kong (below left) gave an urban feel to the event, and Vivs Nguyen brought the cool Hankook uniform to life!
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