City of Industry, CA (W&HM) - PRO.MOTION has a new location!  They have an open house event and invited cool cars, nice vendors, as well as Tommy's Burger!  It's a beautiful day and a wonderful hang out for people, cars, foods, vendors, models, and more cars...

NOS is always supportive and brought a lot of energy to the event.
 The new face!
 The cars, and cars and many cool cars...

 And cool compartments...

 More NOS model pictures!!

 Right next to the front door!  That's a good feng-sui!

 Beautiful girl with a towel in her hand....  Who could ask for more??

Congratulations to a successful event!!  Great job guys!!

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Eva Skye, The Sky is the Limit!!

 San Diego, CA (W&HM) - Eva Skye is such an amazing model with natural talent and genuine smiles.  Wherever she posed for photos, there was a crowd around her.

 She has that charm of subtlety in her brilliant presence...

 And when she paired up with Tracy Linh, it's double cool, or double hot!

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Raichelle Viado, Gina Tee, and The Girl with Dragon Tattoo

 San Diego, CA (W&HM) - The EAF (Extreme Autofest) in San Diego is like a big reunion party.  We haven't seen Raichelle Viado for a long time and it's always great to see the ultra nice and friendly friend here!!

 Always look good!
 Gina Tee has that mystical atmosphere around her.  No matter how focused the camera is on her, she always has that glowing effect in the picture.  Kudos!

 Delicious, shall we ask?

 We knew the model's name but just don't remember it... Ugh...

 But we can definitely call her the girl with a dragon tattoo...

 And a mighty good one!!

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