NOS Models and Swish Racing Models

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - NOS girls strike again!  The cute blonde promotional model at NOS booth gave us a bright smile showing us a good ambassadorship that she has!
Sometimes the shutter speed was so slow that the smile could be frozen... :-)

Then we met up with Cameron Haven at the Izod platform.  She was posing with their prized car and the famed driver in cardboard figure.

Lots of happy smiles!

When we got outside, and spotted these two promo models and we had to stop them as they were heading away from us (not intentionally)... They were so excited to pose for us that matched the bright sun out there!

NOS Girl at work, which is the norm state of them.  The booth was so popular that people began to hang around having a good time.  Guess that's the NOS spirit!

The Swish Race team girls!

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Miss Toyota Grand Prix 2010, Danielle from Live Magazine again, Cameron Haven for Izod Indy car

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - At this year's Toyota Grand Prix event, we saw the last year's winner and 2nd runner up.  We got a 5 second photo shoot opportunity, but wonder where was the 1st runner up?  It would look complete with three we think... :-)

Be a Donor Save a life .com girls!

What can we say?  Live life to the fullest!

Car driver signing and Izod Trophy Girl Cameron Haven!

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Stacy Dominguez and NOS, Julie Galindo and Randyl Dawn for Falken, and Tecate Girls

Long Beach, CA (W&HM) - Stacy Dominguez is always one of the brightest models in her booth.

NOS booth is a busy busy one!

Julie Galindo and Randyl Dawn again here in 2011 Toyota Grand Prix event!

We had to blur out the center of the photo because of the... uh...  Oh well, you know it...

Tecate came out in full force to sponsor this event.  They are a major force and had an expansive presence at the show.

She looks soooo familiar... Uh, model name department needs a new database...

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