2011 CES Extra Extra II - Models and Booth Babes

Las Vegas, NV (W&HM) - This is the continuing coverage of 2011 CES Show.

After we discovered that the North Hall area has much more fun models, as they are more related to the auto, audio side, it's definitely worthed our multiple trips there to cover as much as we could! Nonetheless, the other halls have great models too. They are all very talented, well, most of them... We have to say that all models are not created equal, talent-wise, enthusiasm-wise, and knowing-the-role-wise... Haha. We always love to cover the great professional models, as they represent the great choices made by their customers. Kudos to them!!

Sarah McDowd for Luxmobile came back the next day as if nothing happened, even though there were a lot happened... She's such a great personality and resilience! Great job Sarah!

Kelly Kline gave our camera a million dollars smile!! Very Mona-Lisa-esque... Very cool!

Sandra Cuartas for InstallerNet was standing looking great! Definitely got a lot of people's attentions there to bring more folks into the booth.

Meagan Vance and Danielle May for LG, stood for the great traditional modeling differences. Meagan was very elegant European look even in her pose, while Danielle was like an American bright model that is very amicable. Either way, they totally made the booth look good.

Leonela Waltrick for AudioBahn was signing posters for her fans. She took the time for us to take several pictures, while keeping the fans busy as well. What a great and graceful professional!! Great job!

Jewelyn for Luxmobile is such a hard working model, that she will be dancing all day long 8 hours for three consecutive days... Maybe she is breaking some records there... :-) Our hat's off to her!

Jessyca Rayanne is also for Luxmobile and she looked smashing through out the show, yesterday and today, which we are sure that next several days too.

Walking into Audi's booth is like entering the heaven... Everything is so bright and white and people are happy and models are angelic... Hmmm, may be it is a divine design? :-)

The three graces from G-Fi VS were getting attendees' attentions left, right and center!

The cool two models from iDesia sure inspire people to see a doctor! They are contributing a public health effort at the same time, we guess...

The Fifty-One models were striking an ultra chic pose, with cigarettes in hand inside the hall room... Smoking!! The pun was fully intended!

Esther Hanuka and also known as Queen Esther were helping RE Audio's promotion. She was signing her posters there and there always seems to be a long line waiting to meet her in person!!

LG also supports the great trend of the secretary look. Many kudos!!

We bumped into her and she was so happy to model for us! She is doing such a great job!!

Big EGO models were energetic and fun! Not many models can be so much fun even at the first shot!! Cool!

The Skunk Juice models were a perfect pair in many many ways! Cool combination!!

The model in Exo Flex booth provided a great contrast to the busy and versatile backdrop. Great choice of the outfit!

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2011 CES Extra Extra - Models and Booth Babes

Las Vegas, NV - 2011 CES is a strong come back year show. Not only there are more vendor exhibitors, the models are more in number as well. There are some familiar faces from SEMA, yet there are other models that we have not met before.

One common theme is the "Secretary" look that many exhibitors have adopted this year. It's like a fashion trend that we brought out in our Sasha Sobe Featured Model Pictorial (part 1) and (part2). Obviously our readers love it and so are the vendors and crowd too. Very cool!

Taya from TCL was doing a fantastic job demo'ing the "Minority Report" hand wave/gesture TV. She did so well that there is always a constant crowd gathered around her. Great job!\ Taya.

Sarah McDowd is working like crazy. The first day she needed to work from 10am to 6pm, and then she continued to work in an after party till "4 AM" next day, and then return to work at 10 am. It's not easy to be a great model...

Miss Playboy Club showed up on the mini stage for a photo op. It's a popular booth for sure!

We ran into the cool duo, Lindsie Herring and Corissa Furr. They just finished a press conference and we just ran into them (really!). What are the chances in CES, like gazillions people running around like ants and we found them on the way back to their booth! Cool!

Lindsey Hanson looked really familiar. Probably we met her at the SEMA show; she should!

We have a uh, Lady Gaga look alike, dancing and singing to attract the crowd, which she surely did!

Lacy Awalt definitely was very friendly at the booth and did a great job in promoting her customer's brand.

Jewelyn!! Our wonderful model from Autocon and MotorMavens shows! After she just moved to Las Vegas less than a week, she is working hard already! Come to think of it, she is the only model that is really "working hard" by go-go dancing at the show. Very cool!! And also a great kudo to her vendor Luxmobile, as well!

Harmony Moniz was also at the SEMA show and is looking fantastic in this show too!!

Adriana Davalos really knows her job. She made sure that the products are properly placed in the position to be showcased before we took the pictures. Great job!

Whitney Jene was also in SEMA last year, and is with 7 Elephants company. This time, she dressed up as a nurse... Mmmm. She sure generated fevers in people and their cameras!

And more amazing models!!

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Jessica and Layla Lu

Long Beach, CA - The last coverage of 2010 Spocom.

Jessica was new to the modeling scene, sort of. However, she seemed to be a true natural. She can engage the camera (us) as well as the viewer (you) and the crowd (them) easily. Great job!

Layla Lu was looking good in the show. She has an amicable personality and certain aura around her. Cool!

Don't know who she is, but she showed up in our camera frame... Therefore it's a mistake not to start clicking the shutter... :-)

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