W&HM Featured Model - Phoenix Stanna (1/2)

Los Angeles, CA (W&HM) - Our Featured Model Phoenix Stanna is a very unique model. She has that all-American girl look, that have-a-beer-with friendliness, and I-see-I-do-I-get-it-done professional ethic, as well as a as-big-as-California-size heart... We are very luck to have her as our Featured Model!

This Featured Model Editorial is very special because it's a big collaboration from many parties, very largely thanks to Phoenix!! She invited the high-end professional salon, Outlaw of Jazz, to do her hair and make up. Then Phoenix got us a very handsome Lamborghini, as our best supporting actor to our main leading actress! Our hats' off to Phoenix!

She has achieved a lot, so let's jump right into the interview to get to know her a bit more...

> W&HM: Please tell us your name.
> Phoenix: It's Phoenix Stanna. P.H.O.E.N.I.X and S.T.A.N.N.A. Phoenix Stanna. :-)

> W^&HM: Wow, that sounds really professional!! You must have attended many beauty pageantries!! Tell us about them!
> Phoenix: :-D I was born and raised in Orange County. The title that I am most proud of is being the "Miss Desert Expedition". Because from there, I took off and became a "Bob Hope Girl" and more.

> W&HM: Wow!
> Phoenix: It made me feel so proud of being part of the Bob Hope Classic that Bob Hope was an American hero, and he used to hand pick girls. I was picked in the three out of thirty from Coachella Valley in a celebrity event. I got to meet with celeb like Justine Timberlake. And being a baseball fan, despite all the controversies, I absolutely love Roger Clement and got to put on his World Series ring. I was so excited, being a Bob Hope Girl and I love baseball!

> W&HM: More wow! Do you go to baseball games a lot?
> Phoenix: I was born and raised as a tomboy... I grew up with my grandpa. Our common bond was baseball. We used to go to Angels games. I also used to volunteer for the team. I worked in the fan club, and I passed out all the souvenirs and other fun things. We did that all for free and that was our bonding time.

> W&HM: That's so cool! So fans out there, now you know what to send to Phoenix as gifts now... Haha.
> Phoenix: I always love sports, and I want to be a sports reporter. I have worked in some major networks covering many sports events. That's where I want to be!

> W&HM: Wow, so you must be very busy!
> Phoenix: I am a full time student and I think education is really important. In fact, we are very involved in the schools' Puente Program. We go to high schools and motivate students that are AB 540 students. We motivate them to go to colleges as we told them that we are in it, and you can do it too.

(The editor: the below series is a tribute to the American Classic Beauty.)

This is the Part1.

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  1. Looks AMAZINGLY SEXY!!! AND the Make-up and hair look awesome!! ;-)

  2. Indeed! Amazing work and perfect make up!!! :-) Thanks!!! :-D



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