Ladies in Pink at RPM

All these beautiful ladies in pink, one way or another. They just look wonderful!

We have not seen KT So for a long time! We are so happy that she is back in the scene!!

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Shanna at RPM Irvine (part 2)

Shanna is such a wild child in that car show, hmmm, come to think of it, in every car show that I met her. Her presence, her energy, her passion, her _everything_ are so powerful!

She makes you feel that you are the only photographer in the world, doing the photo shoot with her, in a rain forest, under a waterfall, with birds chirping around, and fish swimming by... Super cool!

We sure hope to see much more of Shanna here!! Keep up the great work Shanna!!

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Shanna at RPM Irvine

Shanna is a super amazing model!! Not only she can pose, project a persona, connect to camera, she is also very personable, flexible and has the passion of modeling! That's like having a double-double from In-N-Out Burger. You have that euphoria feeling when you are done, in this case, taking pictures of her... Super cool!!

No matter how she posed, it's always a great look, a great angle, a great picture!!

We will have more photos tomorrow of Shanna! Yay!!

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VW Jamboree @ Irvine CA

This is the continuation from the VW Jamboree Series last time. There were so many beautiful swimsuit models that it will take a while to go through them. Even though the contest was concluded, you can still show your support to your favorite models here! :-)

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Crissa at Nisei Week

You may first think that Crissa is similar to other models at the first glance in the Nisei Week. But when you talked to her and do a quick photo session there, you knew that she is very special. She posed with fire, she flirted with the camera with electricity, and she commanded the show presence like no one else. Kudos!!!

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