W&HM 2010 - Gorgeous Blonde (part 1)

Blondes are very eye catching but usually not as pretty as they first appeared, IMHO. However, this gorgeous model totally lives up to the popular expectations!! She is gorgeous! She is eye catching! She is smart! She is highly professional! I am sure that she must be super successful in modeling and whatever she does!

Even though her smile is similar but you would find subtitles that keep you looking on... That's a great trait of a model!

Can someone let us know what's her name??? Stay tuned for the part 2!!
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Wheels And Heels Mag, WheelsAndHeelsMag.com, W&HM

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W&HM = Wheels And Heels Mag = WheelsAndHeelsMag.com

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W&HM = Wheels And Heels Mag = WheelsAndHeelsMag.com

Creating a new abbreviation...

W&HM = Wheels And Heels Mag

Wish everybody all great!

W&HM - Falken Girls, Megan Ranae

Megan Ranae looks ravishing in her Falken attire during the Formula Drift event in Long Beach. Her bright smile matched the sunny sky and created a perfect combination!

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W&HM - Katrina

Katrina is a very + very sweet and down to earth model. She is modeling for the Hankook tire and definitely did a great job!! She is super tall and lean and a perfect model talent!!

When you talk to her, you will feel like you are talking to your sister or cousin or something that is close to you. It's always this fine quality in the models that separate them from the rest...

We will do a feature of Katrina in the future, and you will be even more amazed by her stunning beauty and great talents!!! Stay tuned...

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Wheels And Heels Mag - Summer Daniels

Summer and I did an impromptu mini photo session during Formula Drift Show in Long Beach. The simple background of a tree provided a perfect highlight to this smashing model! Also the quick interview with Summer reveals many cool facts about this beautiful and talented blonde!!

W&HM: What else do you do besides being a gorgeous model?
Summer: I am also a singer in the band called "Speaker Junkies". We play live electro pop music and sometimes we have feature rappers on some of our tracks too.

W&HM: If you have all the money in the world, what kind of car would you get?
Summer: Hmmm... I will get a 69 Shelby Mustang!! A muscle car. I love muscle cars!

W&HM: If you go to a beach, what type of swimsuit and what color would you wear?
Summer: I live on the beach... [W&HM: wow, cool!] Uh, I will wear baby blue, or even better electric blue! And it will be a bikini with a very small bottom. :-) Not a thong, a small bottom (piece).

W&HM: Any words for your fans out there?
Summer: Check us out at www.speakerjunkies.com and also on myspace and facebook!

She is super cool!! Definitely people, check them out! Super talented and super smart and super beautiful and super friendly!! Best of luck Summer!!

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