XDC @ Irwindale - Super Models

XDC, Extreme Drift Circuit, has finally made it last Sunday at Irwindale, CA. This is like HIN in the past, only at a more petite scale, which is cool, because HIN was overwhelming, like a CES show. XDC is more cozy and easy to walk around and chat with everybody.

There are many vendors and models there, both the well established as well as the budding aspired. They have a different feel than DUB show's, which is a bit raw to me.

The weather was "too perfect". The sun was really up there, and the temperature was as well. Models were semi fainting or busy with reapplying their make ups. It really felt like it's July already.

This XDC event was really well run, and we much look forward to future XDC events here!!!

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DUB Anaheim - J Marie

J Marie is an amazing model. She is not only super gorgeous, she can project a mood, a look, a feeling, and a style; she is truly an amazing model! She definitely bring out the best of the car, the most of the model, and the wonderful of the photos. Many kudos!

Did not get a chance to do an interview with her. There is always a next time then... Haha

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