W&HM Featured Model - Marissa Harman

Marissa Harman is not your typical car model. Actually she hardly goes to car shows. She is an amazing and talented fashion runway model here in Southern California. We invited her to be our Featured Model andthe photos from our shoot of her and our car are totally stunning!!

Marissa's talents are definitely multi-facets. While continuing her runway modeling career, she also ventures into other medium as well as ventures. Let's find out what they are and more...

W&HM: Hi Marissa, it's great having you as our Featured Model!! You have done such a wonderful job!! Tell us how many years you have been modeling?
Marissa: Thank you! I am very happy too!! :-) Let me see,.., I've been modeling for 3.5 years now.

W&HM: That's very cool! You look amazing in the photos!
Marissa: Modeling is a passion of mine!! :-)

W&HM: What are the things about modeling that you like most?
Marissa: It's meeting new people and experience with different photographers of different styles.

(For this editorial, we set up an easy and cozy environment for the shoot. We borrowed our friends' backyard as well as their garage for the use. It's a very simple but super effective set up. Bet you never knew that your backyard could look this good!)

W&HM: Are you a mountain person or a beach person?
Marissa: I am totally a beach goer. Actually I don't live too far from the beautiful Laguna Beach! And I love to go to the beach all the time!

W&HM: So when you go to the beach, what type of swimwear do you wear?
Marissa: It has to be bikini!! I have all kinds of bikinis!!!

W&HM: What would be your favorite colors of your bikinis?
Marissa: I love teal and black!! Especially teal!!

W&HM: Teal??!! Wow, that's not the usual pink or red or blue or other colors...
Marissa: Teal is my favorite color!! :-)

W&HM: And what would be your favorite food?
Marissa: Hmmm, I have to say, it's French Fries!

W&HM: French Fries!! Wow, that's another unusual answer!! Any particular brand or restaurant or style of the fries?
Marissa: I love them all!! Haha.

W&HM: That's very very cool! Anything you like to talk about modeling?
Marissa: Sure, I started to work with new models and help them into the industry. I help them build strong portfolios with great photographers and work with others to ease their transitions to the modeling world.

W&HM: That's super! Hmm, what would you say to new models, like give them three tips about modeling...
Marissa: I would say, first, keep your chin down, literally. The chin-down pose would look great in photos. Then I would say to keep a good attitude. Oh yea, then the third would be, never diss a designer. I did it once, and the designer yelled at me. I think each collection is like the designer's baby. You know how people can be very protective about their babies...

W&HM: Haha, that's great! About cars, say if you have all the money in the world, what type of car would you get?
Marissa: I would definitely want a Jaguar. Their new models look sooo good!

W&HM: And could you share with us your 2011 goals?
Marissa; I would like to get on TV more and become an actress. We did a TV pilot program and I am working on some new projects too. I really like it a lot!

W&HM: We do look forward to seeing her in the TV in everybody's house and desktop!!
W&HM: Last question. How would people find more about you?
Marissa: You can find me and more interesting things about me in Facebook. Also I do a lot of VanIsh shows, and if you are local to Southern California, come and see me up on the runway!

W&HM: Thank you so much!!
Marissa: Thank you!! :-D

W&HM: Here is Marissa's facebook page. Be her friend!!

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